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Two Presidents' Day celebrants raise a glass in honor of Presidents' Day! One is dressed as Teddy Roosevelt, the other Sox.

One of the things that makes December so magical is that we are ramping up for Christmas and New Year’s, a time to generally be merry and bright. But after December has come and gone, we are faced with nothing but the reality of winter - short, cold days filled with heightened eczema. But what if that wasn’t how we spent January and February? What if, in this season of the year, we also had something to look forward to - a festivity filled with seasonal songs, bright decorations, and celebration with family and friends? 


Thankfully, we do have that - Presidents’ Day. 


We at the Society for the Promotion of Presidents’ Day are here to do just that - promote Presidents’ Day as a holiday for singing Presidents’ Day carols, feasting upon Election Cake, sending cards to loved ones, and generally being merry and bright.


Happy Presidents’ Day, from our family to yours! 

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