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Virtue or Vice

Virtue or Vice: Text
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Have you been naughty or have you been nice?

Hot like a fire or cold like some ice?

A year filled with virtue, or was it with vice?

That’s what Hannibal Hamlin knows

Giving bad tips or good advice?

Flipping a quarter or rolling the dice?

Shaken like handshakes or stirring like mice? 

That’s what Hannibal Hamlin knows

He came to fame as the vice to old Abe Lincoln

And he left our memories when we stopped thinkin’ -- 'bout him

Have you been vague or quite precise?

Taking not giving or paying the price?

Have you been sugar or have you been spice?

That’s what Hannibal Hamlin knows. 

Check your list once or check your list twice 

He brings gifts with his virtue, though he was our vice

Former Vice President through highs and lows

That’s why Hannibal Hamlin knows

Virtue or Vice: Text
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